Earth And Water is a non-profit organization based in Michigan USA,

 conducting work in Kenya, Africa


Daniel and Ashley Miesel founded Earth And Water in September 2017, however the inception of Earth And Water began back in 2010 when Daniel yielded to the call and long-standing desire within his heart, to go to Africa.  He had the desire to go to Africa and do something for a long time but didn't have specific direction as to what he would do.  The time came when he was faced with the decision to either follow or flee the call.  He followed, and that has made all the difference.  In 2012 he married Ashley and now together they share the vision of helping people in Africa.  They are passionate about their work and committed to actively and intentionally living a life that testifies of the power, love, and ability of the Creator and the Messiah.  Their work and interests both in Africa and Michigan revolve around farming. 

Their philosophy is "freely you have received, freely give."  They believe that all people are created with a purpose and that purpose is realized through contributing to the needs of others.  They believe that the use of talents, abilities, knowledge, finances, and all other blessings is much like breathing; if someone were to only inhale and never exhale they would not even be able to hold onto what they have.  All people take in the blessings of the Creator but it is crucial that those same blessings are released to others through the talents, abilities, and resources that each has been given.

"If we stop exhaling, we die and the world suffers."


The Miesel's have breathed much life into Kenya through initiating small business development projects, school and household water filtration systems, youth empowerment programs, and girl's sanitary product distribution in Kenya. The most recent project is water well drilling.  The purpose of Earth And Water is to help communities in crisis. How? By providing accessible and uncontaminated water sources along with education and implementation of improved farming practices to those suffering. Earth And Water focuses on drilling wells, developing and protecting existing water sources, and teaching new technologies, like drip irrigation and bio-intensive agriculture. Earth And Water’s objective is to start at the most basic level, literally with the Earth and Water.   

YOUR help is needed in order to make a substantial impact in thousands of lives. Please join Earth And Water in this battle for life by bringing water to the thirsty and hope to the hopeless.


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Morley, Michigan 49336

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