Our mission consists of a three-point focus for development and impact:




One of the most basic human needs is water.  Water is important both directly for drinking and washing, and indirectly for nourishing the soil that produces food.  Rural Africa has very limited sources of water that are clean and adequate for drinking and for agricultural use.  Our solution to the scarcity of clean and adequate water is drilling water wells in strategic locations that impact communities, churches, and farmers.  


Ground water is the safest, cleanest, and most abundant source of water but is only reached by drilling hundreds of feet with specialized equipment. This option is far out of reach for most people affected by water problems because of its high cost. The average wage in Kenya is $2.50 per day.  At this rate it would take a minimum of 15 years to pay for the cost of an average water well.  


Drilling and installing water wells is the best long term solution to the water problem in Kenya. If people have access to safe and adequate water, children will be able to attend school, people will have the freedom to pursue other income-generating activities, waterborne disease will be gone, and poverty will decrease.




Whether it is for income or merely a way of survival, 75 percent of Kenya’s population derives their livelihood from agriculture.  Drought, lack of access to irrigation and fertilizers, and limited knowledge of bio-intensive farming methods are some of the major challenges that Kenyan farmers face.   Our approach to these problems is teaching the benefits of cover cropping, mulching, crop rotation, composting, and efficient use of water, along with giving access to resources like water, seeds, and tools. This education takes place through class lecture and infield application of techniques.  With adequate knowledge and resources, the Kenyan farmers will be able to experience increased yields and extended growing seasons.  




Cause and effect are ingrained into the fundamental core of everything that exists.  Cause and effect is a law of nature.  When we understand how something works, we understand how to use it, and how to use it in a way that creates a positive outcome.  Scripture is the operator’s manual for life.  When it is understood and followed, the result is a life that functions in coordination with its design.  Our desire is to teach people the principles of Scripture and how the application of these principles affects the physical world in which they live.  


Paul Ojwala is a community leader near Kisumu, Kenya. The well he is speaking about is a small example of what Earth And Water can accomplish. There is much more work to be done to serve the struggling communities in Kenya. Help us to help good people, such as Paul, so that many more people can benefit from what we, as Americans, receive so freely.


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