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One of the most basic human needs is water.  Water is important for almost every aspect of life including drinking, washing, bathing, farming, and more.  Rural Africa has very limited sources of water that are clean, adequate, and accessible.  The majority of available water sources tend to be unprotected shallow wells, rivers, dams, and springs.  Consequently, many children and adults suffer from water borne diseases including cholera, typhoid, and amoeba.  

Our mission consists of a three point focus


Ground water is the safest, cleanest, and most abundant source of water but is only reached by drilling hundreds of feet with specialized equipment. This option is far out of reach for most people affected by water problems because of its high cost. The average wage in Kenya is $2.50 per day.  At this rate it would take a minimum of 15 years to pay for of an average water well.   


Our solution to the scarcity of clean and adequate water is drilling water wells in strategic locations that impact churches, livestock owners, and entire communities.   Drilling and installing water wells is the best long term solution to the water problem in Kenya. If people have access to safe and adequate water, children will be able to attend school, people will have the freedom to pursue other income-generating activities, waterborne disease will be gone, and poverty will decrease.

Each project is slightly different because each need is slightly different.  Individual projects can include drilling a new well, installing a solar or hand pumping system, constructing water storage towers, plumbing, and rehabilitating old wells. 


The lack of awareness about proper water hygiene and sanitation along with unhygienic practices has led to high incidences of water borne diseases and in some cases, even death. Earth And Water offers trainings to equip participants with the needed knowledge about unsafe versus safe water, personal hygiene, and general sanitation practices.


Along with the WASH training each participant receives a Village Biological Water Filter, this helps prevent diarrheal disease and adds to the overall health and wellbeing of many people.  We also look for ways to incorporate large and small scale water filtration systems for both individuals and institutions to help address their unique water challenges.



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